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"My New Year's Resolution is to make no New Year's Resolutions!" - Doc Phillips, et. al.

Party on, 


Welcome to my newsletter for January, 2007.

So - you've resolved to lose that 12 pounds you gained over the holidays.  Or, to quit smoking (especially since many states have "voted" in an inordinate tax on tobacco)... Whatever your resolution, do you intend to keep it?  Of course, you do.  But... intentions lack action.  I'm not here to lecture you, believe me.  I'm among the worst for keeping New Year's resolutions, which is why I no longer make them.  Do what's right for you.  New Year's Resolutions, after all, are an age old custom.

My personal resolution is to offer better service, more networking, and quality product that my clients not only depend upon, but appreciate.  Sounds good to me!

It simply makes good business sense.

I'm looking forward to great things for the new year and I'm always open to new business.  Feel free to contact me any time to discuss your next project.


I'd like to announce right here in my very own newsletter the first in a series of unique voiceover seminars.  This first event happens in March in Las Vegas, NV.  Some of voiceover's biggest names will not only be in attendance, but many will be actually sharing what they know during this 4+ days event.  To find out more, please click this link:   

Voice 2007's Voiceover International Creative Experience

I'll be there and will be looking forward to meeting you!

Doc's Articles

I had such great response to my "No Means No" article included in a previous month's newsletter that I'd like to invite you to read my articles.  You may do so from my website:  www.docphillips.com - click on the "Doc's Articles" button in the navbar.  My articles are also syndicated.  If you use an RSS Reader, you will find my subscribe button          on any of my article pages - or, you may just subscribe by clicking on either of the buttons above.  I welcome all feedback including opposition viewpoints to my articles.  E-mail them to me and if they're worthy of appearing here, I will include them - good OR bad!

Fun & Games

The answer to last month's trivia question:  "What long-time, Mark Goodson Productions game show announcer was famous for the "New Price Is Right" catch-phrase, "Come on down!"?...

Answer:  Johnny Olson - in addition:

  • Died in 1985 from a cerebral hemorrhage.

  • Has a list of credits SO long I'll just refer you to this link to discover more about this coveted announcer from a Golden age gone-by:    Johhny Olson's Credits

Trivia for December

Who was the handsome announcer/actor who regularly appeared on the George Gobel Show & Burns & Allen?

   Raymond Burr

   Gary Owens

   Harry Von Zell

   Jack Narz

(Please choose only 1 answer.  Check next month's newsletter for the correct answer)


I've decided to include articles from a local columnist because I believe you'll enjoy reading them.  These articles are authored by a guy of retirement age who puts an interesting twist on some daily perceptions.  Read Jim Sandefer's column here:    Senior Life


Here are some cool ideas for yourself for the New Year!  Hey!!  Why not?  Whether you make your living with voiceover,  production, creative, etc., don't you owe it to yourself to indulge in some toys for big girls & boys?


Happy New Year to ALL my readers and clients.  See you next year!

Stay warm and be cool,


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