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"Things are more like they are now than they have ever been.??? - Gerald R. Ford   (1913-2006)

Party on, 


This may seem a bit maudlin considering we are embarking upon a new year with new hopes, dreams and goals, but I think we should take a moment to remember some well-known and not necessarily renowned folks who departed this earth in 2006:

From the world of entertainment

Alan Freeman - disc jockey, 79

Steve Irwin - the Crocodile Hunter, 44

James Brown - the "Godfather of Soul", 73

Maynard Ferguson - jazz musician & composer (Theme from Rocky), 78

Syd Barrett - musician (Pink Floyd), 60

Vince Welnick - keyboardist (Grateful Dead), 55

Desmond Dekker - musician (The Israelites), 64

Gene Pitney - singer (Town Without Pity, 24 Hours From Tulsa, et. al.), 65

Wilson Pickett - singer (In the Midnight Hour, Mustang Sally, Funky Broadway), 64

Jack Palance - Oscar-winning actor (City Slickers I & II)

Dennis Weaver - actor ("Chester" in Gunsmoke, McCloud, Duel), 81

Shelly Winters - actress (the Poseidon Adventure, Nana on "Roseanne"), 83

Joseph Barbera - animator (of Hanna-Barbera fame), 95

Robert Altman - director ("M*A*S*H - the movie), 81

Aaron Spelling - TV producer ("Charlie's Angels", "Beverly Hills, 90210"), 83

Peter Benchley - author ("Jaws"), 65

Dana Reeve - singer (wife of Christopher Reeve), 44

Gerald R. Ford - 38th President of the United States, 93

Now for the NOT so renowned

Slobodan Milosevic - war criminal, 64

Kenneth Lay - Enron chief executive, 64

Augusto Pinochet - Chilean dictator, 91

Saddam Hussein - Iraqui dictator, 69

Better News

Here are some of the comments I'm receiving about "What's Up Doc?"

"Very nice presentation Doc! We'll try to book you for something in the New Year." - Rick Rose, Film  Creations

"Great promotional email, etc. Keep up the hard work." - Larry Thomlinson, Entrepreneur

I'm glad you enjoy my newsletter and thanks for the kind words.

February also celebrates those great (and not-so-great) leaders of our nation for the past 231 years.  President's Day seems to be a good reason for retailers to promote their wares.  Say, here's an idea... allow me to tell your customers about it.  Contact me today so we may get right to work.


I'd like to announce right here in my very own newsletter the first in a series of unique voiceover seminars.  This first event happens in March in Las Vegas, NV.  Some of voiceover's biggest names will not only be in attendance, but many will be actually sharing what they know during this 4+ days event.  To find out more, please click this link:   

Voice 2007's Voiceover International Creative Experience

I'll be there and will be looking forward to meeting you!

Doc's Articles

I had such great response to my "No Means No" article included in a previous month's newsletter that I'd like to invite you to read my articles.  You may do so from my website:  www.docphillips.com - click on the "Doc's Articles" button in the navbar.  My articles are also syndicated.  If you use an RSS Reader, you will find my subscribe button          on any of my article pages - or, you may just subscribe by clicking on either of the buttons above.  I welcome all feedback including opposition viewpoints to my articles.  E-mail them to me and if they're worthy of appearing here, I will include them - good OR bad!

Fun & Games

The answer to last month's trivia question:  "Who was the handsome announcer/actor who regularly appeared on the George Gobel Show & Burns & Allen?

Answer:  Harry Von Zell - in addition:

Portly, pudding-faced, wavy dark-haired actor/announcer Harry Von Zell, whose well-modulated voice was a standard radio fixture during the 1930s and 40s, also extended his talents toward film and TV where he appeared in numerous comedy outings, often as a straight man foil. Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, on July 11, 1906, he attended UCLA and first started on the air waves in 1927 with KMIC as both announcer and singer, eventually moving into national radio, announcing for Bing Crosby among others. Known for his quick and clever ad-libbing, he nevertheless got quite a bit of ribbing and won an honorary award in the Immortal National Hall of Bloopers Fame for referring to President Herbert Hoover once as "Hoobert Heever."

  • Died in 1981 of cancer.

  • He was a posthumous inductee of the National Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

Trivia for February

This month's personality will be a fill-in the blank.  Why?  Because, if I gave you his background and the particular phrase for which he's famous, you'd know in a New York minute.  Okay... ready?

He has made appearances in several movies, both silver screen and TV nearly always playing himself or a character that is based upon him.  He is currently 63 years old and is, according to the ladies still quite handsome.  He has also appeared with David Letterman, the Simpsons, SNL and made several appearances on the Howard Stern show. 

Here's a deeper hint:  one might say his working venue consists of the circle in the square.

Who is he?       


  Find the answer in next month's edition of "What's Up Doc?"



I've decided to include articles from a local columnist because I believe you'll enjoy reading them.  These articles are authored by a guy of retirement age who puts an interesting twist on some daily perceptions.  Read Jim Sandefer's column here:    Senior Life


Here are some cool ideas for yourself for the New Year!  Hey!!  Why not?  Whether you make your living with voiceover,  production, creative, etc., don't you owe it to yourself to indulge in some toys for big girls & boys?

Musician's Friend Stupid Deal of the Day!

Happy President's Day to ALL my readers and clients.  See you next year!

    Oh yeah, will you be my Valentine?    

Stay warm and be cool,


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