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"What I know is, is that if you do work that you love, and the work fulfills you, the rest will come." -  Oprah Winfrey

Party on, 


Will March com in like a lion and go out like a lamb?  How about if March comes in like a lion and remains that way all year??

March is a good month for retail recovery.  Which should mean plenty of work for those of us in the voiceover field.  So, how do we obtain that available work?  Marketing!  It's time to get busy.  Go over your contact list and make contact.  Say, "Hello, I was thinking of you today and hoping that business is booming".  Advise them that you're available.  Build your contact list.  When business is slow, it's important to reestablish contacts and to make new ones.  Many look at this process as tedious.  I find it to be fun.  I meet new people, get to know a bit about them and allow them an opportunity to get to know me.

So, when business is slow, don't sit by the phone awaiting its ring, or sit in front of your email client anticipating that familiar phrase, "You've got mail!"  Go make it happen.  Someone once said, "Idle hands are the devil's workshop".  I have no idea who, nor am I going to research it at this time.  But, if the shoe fits...

Better News

Here are some of the comments I'm receiving about "What's Up Doc?" 

"Very nice presentation Doc! We'll try to book you for something in the New Year." - Rick Rose, Film  Creations

"Great promotional email, etc. Keep up the hard work.  Very professional. I'm truly impressed.  Keep up the great work. And let me know the progress of all your endeavors." - Larry Thomlinson, Entrepreneur

"Sound good man.  Got that Bobby Ocean style down." - Joel Grey, V.P., G.M., 98-7, the Peak

.I'm glad you enjoy my newsletter and thanks for the kind words.

Now, may I have the pleasure of delivering your client's message?  Contact me today.


I'd like to announce right here in my very own newsletter the first in a series of unique voiceover seminars.  This first event happens in March in Las Vegas, NV.  Some of voiceover's biggest names will not only be in attendance, but many will be actually sharing what they know during this 4+ days event.  To find out more, please click this link:   

Voice 2007's Voiceover International Creative Experience

Doc's Articles

I had such great response to my "No Means No" article included in a previous month's newsletter that I'd like to invite you to read my articles.  You may do so from my website:  www.docphillips.com - click on the "Doc's Articles" button in the navbar.  My articles are also syndicated.  If you use an RSS Reader, you will find my subscribe button          on any of my article pages - or, you may just subscribe by clicking on either of the buttons above.  I welcome all feedback including opposition viewpoints to my articles.  E-mail them to me and if they're worthy of appearing here, I will include them - good OR bad!

Fun & Games

The answer to last month's trivia question:  He has made appearances in several movies, both silver screen and TV nearly always playing himself or a character that is based upon him.  He is currently 63 years old and is, according to the ladies, still quite handsome.  He has also appeared with David Letterman, the Simpsons, SNL and made several appearances on the Howard Stern show. 

Answer:  Michael Buffer

  • He is now 62 years old.

  • He is managed by his brother, Bruce Buffer.

Trivia for March

This month's personality will be another fill-in the blank.  Okay... ready?

In the early 70's, he was reportedly paid $50,000 a year as the voice of the Pillsbury Dough Boy.  He also provided voices for numerous animatronics figures at Walt Disney parks.

Who is he?       


  Find the answer in next month's edition of "What's Up Doc?"



I've decided to include articles from a local columnist because I believe you'll enjoy reading them.  These articles are authored by a guy of retirement age who puts an interesting twist on some daily perceptions.  Read Jim Sandefer's column here:    Senior Life


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