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Welcome to my newsletter for November, 2006.  Allow me to update you on what's been happening in my corner of the voiceover world...

Tucson gained a new ad agency.  Turns out that the owner used to be my general manager a couple of radio stations ago.  He has solicited me to be the "official" voice for his new agency.  Never even knew there WERE "official" voices for ad agencies.  But, hell... I'll take it!  I am currently doing all the voice audio for his website and he has even provided me with a couple of new clients already for whom I have produced spots.  This could become big.  I'm likin' it.

I also received my first talent fee from an ad agency in Phoenix for a local Mercedes Benz dealership recently.  Turns out the guy who owns THIS agency used to be a broadcast student of mine.

"Small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it!"  (Steven Wright).

I'm looking forward to great things for the holiday season and I'm always open to new business.  Feel free to contact me any time to discuss your next project.


Holiday Season is sneaking right up on us!  It's not too early to begin thinking about your holiday advertising.  If you'd like more than audio for your broadcast advertising or web site, consider Professional Voice Branding by Doc Phillips.  Snag me before your competitors do... or, before my schedule fills up.  You may hear demos of my professional voice branding by going to the home page of my web site - Doc Phillips Productions .  Gain direct access to my audio samples at the top.

No Means "No"

Because we tend to avert disappointment with any encounter, we nod our heads and reply, "Yes" when we're asked to do something.  There's nothing wrong with that, UNLESS we regret it after the fact and lament the idea that now we're obligated to do something that we really never wanted to do in the first place.  Far be it for me to suggest that when Mom told you, "Don't say no to me - I'm your Mother" that you shouldn't have listened to her.  That's much different from what I'm suggesting here.  As business people, we fear that saying "No" may not only cost us the gig but may also prevent subsequent business from coming our way.  Or, worse yet, that someone else may get the business that was originally meant for us.  What I AM suggesting is that you must not only respond in the negative for that which you know you cannot provide but also for that which you may choose not to provide.  It's a high-wire act sometimes.  But only you know your true limitations.  And you must continue to provide the quality of service for which you've become known.  It's not against the law to say, "No".  It's just against our conditioned response.  Here's the deal:  the word NO is among the easiest of words to articulate, it never hurt or maimed anyone and, to my knowledge, never cost anyone any business as long as it was utilized sparingly and only when necessary.  Plus... it's pronounced the same way in virtually every verbal language.  Learn how to use it.  More importantly, learn when to use it.  That way you'll never have to regret using it!

Fun & Games

What famous announcer/journalist played sidekick to Jack Paar during his stint as host of the "Tonight Show"?

   Regis Philbin

   Dave Garroway

   Hugh Downs

   Johnny Olson

(Please choose only 1 answer.  Check next month's newsletter for the correct answer)


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