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A term that gets bandied about in our industry among voiceover artists, producers, casting directors, etc. is "money voice". But, what IS the "money voice"?

Easily defined, it is that voice that clients seem to respond to best. It isyour voice, style, delivery, interpretation that sells the client's wares. It is that voice that is uniquely you. It's also that voice that you can reproduce without thought or effort. It is you, the whole you and nothing but the you. And, every voiceover artist has one.. However, sometimes it is difficult to be objective when it comes to selecting our own "money voice".

Keep in mind that what we perceive to be our "money voice" may be very different from what others perceive it to be.

But, it's not difficult to determine just what our "money voice" is. We do this by reviewing our past work and by collecting comments or suggestions from our clients. To be sure, clients aren't always on the money and often fail to realize our true potential and range. That doesn't make them wrong or ignorant. While we may not agree with others' opinions about exactly what our "money voice" may entail, it's extremely important to understand that they know what their clients want. And, if you've worked with them for any length of time, they'll have a good understanding of what it is you can deliver for their clients.

You may have a completely different idea of what your "money voice" truly is - and here's the kicker... you may be right! The double kicker... so might they!

Now what?

Market your demos accordingly. Determine your "money voice" based upon all the factors and considerations. Then, it's a good idea to begin your demo with your "money voice". Many producers also suggest you end your demo with another example of your "money voice". Demos may absolutely be the most difficult element of your marketing strategies - and the most crucial. Think about it. If your demos aren't getting you work, what's the problem?

It may or may not be your demo. You'll have to make that determination. Some voiceover artists seem to continually tweak their demos which may or may not be a good idea. Even worse, it could be a waste of time and effort (other than the editing practice). You want the mass appeal from your demo. But, it may be that one track in the middle or near the end that brings in that lifelong, lucrative client. If that track is at the end of the demo presentation and the prospective client doesn't buy into your "money voice" up front, it may never get heard. Oh, what a dilemma we conjure with our demos. How do we get around this?

While the demo is the most important element of your marketing strategy, it is only one element. It's an entire marketing package that renders the optimal results.

You need to write great introduction letters/e-mails to prospective clients to entice them to even listen to your demo. A personal website, free and devoid of disconnected advertising is a must in the 21st century.

Your name must be splattered all over your marketing elements. It has been said that it takes seven repetitions of your name or your company's name before anyone will ever have a chance of recollecting it. This is also why the biggest and most successful of businesses seem to run their messages into the ground. Ever said, "If I hear that spot one more time, I'm gonna throw the radio/tv out the window"? Of course you have. We all have. But, we do remember who drove that image into our brains, don't we? This is also the message that many advertising account executives relay to their customers who counter with, "Nah - advertising doesn't work for me - it's an expense I just don't need". For the intelligent business operator who counters with the above, a brief reminder of how Coke, McDonald's, Microsoft, etc. constantly bombard us with their message accounts for their huge market success usually does the trick.

We each have a unique ability to deliver the intended message in our own unique style and way.


Doc Phillips has been providing voice work in one way or another for 30 years. He is also an internet entrepreneur who hosts and manages several sites. He built, maintains and "markets" his website, http://www.docphillips.com.