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Doc has been a professional broadcaster for over 30 years.  His illustrious background spans several states all across the west.  He is a graduate and subsequent instructor at the now extinct, but still famous Don Martin School of Communications which was located in the Muir Building on the corner of Hollywood and LaBrea.  While there, he worked with the likes of Russ Barnett, who, prior to becoming Operations Director at Don Martin School was the Program Director (yes, Boss!) at Gene Autry's Golden West KMPC on Sunset Boulevard.  Some of the biggest names in broadcasting had to answer to him.  Gary Owens, Wink Martindale, Geoff Edwards, Dick Whittinghill, even the legendary Robert W. Morgan were among his charges during the heyday of MOR radio.  Doc also worked side-by-side there with Jack Brown, then Director of Armed Forces Radio and Television.  His experience as an instructor only served to further hone his skills, direction and talent.

Doc has emceed and/or hosted many concerts, plays, presentations and talent competitions during his tenure in broadcasting.  His first concert was with the Grass Roots in 1977 and he'll never forget it.  Following the performance, for which they were over an hour late, Doc was invited to their R. V. to party with them well into the night.  Although Doc learned very quickly how to improvise and perspired profusely in front of a packed house awaiting their musical entertainment, the party that followed more than made up for the band's tardiness.  Since then, Doc has presented such acts as:  Eddie Money (numerous times), Bachman, Turner Overdrive, Kansas, Charlie Daniels, Pat Benatar, America, the Little River Band, .38 Special and many others.  He has interviewed the likes of Tommy Chong, local and state politicians - well, you get the idea.  Doc was a judge in the True Value Country Showdown some years ago in Denver.  He is now involved with a local spin-off of American Idol, entitled "Tucson Idol", which, to Doc's surprise, has produced several terrific local talents, some of which are in the process of auditioning for American Idol and Nashville Star.  Some have even made it past the first couple of preliminary audition rounds.

During his first 12 years in radio, he handled operations and programming for several small-medium market stations where he was among the first to upstart and program some fine automated radio stations.  Doc was working with microprocessors before home computers were even thought about except by those techies who were then developing them.  He gave up middle management following de-regulation and consolidation within the industry.

Doc now lives in the hills above Tucson in a town called Marana, AZ.  He has a 34-year-old son who lives and works in Denver and is very proud of him.  The special woman in his life is quite talented in her own right.  An artist and entrepreneur, Karen supports Doc in every endeavor and believes in him and his talent.  Together, they own and operate an online gift shop (you can find the store under "Doc's Links").  Stop by and buy something.  He's certain you'll find something there that you just cannot live without!

Oh, yes... Doc also designs and builds web sites.  Where DOES he find the time?

Need to know more about Doc?  him.  He'll be happy to share.