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"Honesty is the single most important factor, having a direct bearing on the final success of an individual, corporation, or product." 

- Ed McMahon -

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What is Voice Branding?

It is the utilization of a professional voice that establishes an identity for your product or service.  This means SO much more than simply uttering your trademark or slogan.  Voice Branding is all about eliciting a feeling in your potential customer about your product or service - then, connecting that feeling to the product or service you have to offer.

Doc Phillips' job is to cut through the competitive marketplace creating an undeniable customer loyalty with your product or service.  Doc Phillips creates brand positioning strategies for products and businesses; and strengthens and enhances the growth of established brands.   The product description includes more than just commercials.  Doc Phillips also  "voice brands" narrations for film, documentaries, training videos, corporate videos... whatever the project.

Doc Phillips has performed that very job for many!  Voice Branding doesn't happen overnight.  While it's your job to identify your company, your employees, products and services, it's Doc Phillips' job to convey your message to your customer base and potential customers.  Starting and building your business took time, didn't it?  So will Voice Branding.  But, when done correctly - and Doc Phillips WILL do that correctly - over time, your brand will become embedded in the minds of your customers.  And, your product or service becomes associated with the voice branding performed by Doc Phillips.

Voice Branding may take many forms.  Sometimes, the hard-sell, in-your-face style will "burn in" the voice brand.  Sometimes the subtlest voice and delivery will provide the biggest impact.  Which way to go?  Contact Doc Phillips now and discuss your personal Voice Brand!

Doc Phillips Voice Branding will do for your business exactly what it's done for so many others. 

Voice Branding by Doc Phillips creates success for your next commercial or public service campaign, event, civic organization, etc.!

Contact Doc Phillips right now!  Inquire about Voice Branding for your business.  Don't put it off!

Get Voice Branded today with... DOC PHILLIPS!


So, what's your project?

  • Radio Commercials/Imaging

  • TV Commercials/Imaging   

  • Narration (Documentary, Industrial, Training, Infomercial)

  • Message On-Hold

  • Phone Prompts

  • Character Voices                                                                                   

  • Internet

  • Master of Ceremonies for Your Event                    

  • Voice Tracking

  • Short Features for Barter

Get branded!                                              


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