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I believe you will find my rates to be quite competitive considering my 30 years of experience with voiceovers.  Rates will be negotiated based upon the particular project (i.e., number of pages, length of v.o., etc.).  My rates are also amenable for broadcast voiceover work based upon market size, flight schedules, etc.  Special rates can be negotiated for your particular project.  Agencies, ADD your commissions to stated fees.  NO audio will be delivered without payment!  If you commission me to do your voiceovers, payment will be due at time of order (following demo approval, of course).  No refunds after approval of demo.  Upon approval, you will receive an e-mail with an invoice from Voiceover Suite Productions and PayPal.  Here's some good news!  You no longer need to open a PayPal account to pay.  All you need is a major credit card.  When you have completed payment, the audio watermark will be removed and the finished track will be forwarded to you.

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We can negotiate rates for voicing your documentary, industrial video, phone prompt, on-hold or internet project.  Simply me!