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Here's what Doc's associates and clients have said about him:

"I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Doc when he agreed to be a judge for Tucson Idol.  He brought to the show his distinct style of wit, expertise, humor and fun.  Doc can engage the audience, be it on radio or in person.  As an emcee, he dealt with live theater audiences, nervous contestants and music mixups with great aplomb and humor.  He is an expert on all genres of music, both as a performer and a listener.  We have all benefitted from and enjoyed Doc's participation in the Tucson Idol. He is totally willing to be of use in any aspect that he is needed. In his judging for the show, Doc showed us his understanding of the voice as an instrument.  His comments were always kind, constructive and funny!   Always pleasant, jovial, caring and fully competent, he is a joy to work with.  Doc is honest, intelligent, well-spoken, very versatile and reliable."

- Debbie Bianco, Director/Owner, Bianco Theater Company -

"Doc Phillips is a real pro. Our ratings continually went up... Doc’s voice is real radio big. Whether it’s producing commercial spots, producing copy, live or voice over work, the end product from Doc will be top of the line. I highly recommend Doc Phillips to overall enhance your environment.  He's the best!"

- Pat Johnston, former COO & G.M., KJLL, Tucson -


- Bettye Zoller, Voiceover Pro-VO and Actor Coach-Audio Engineer-Recording Studio Owner-Published audiobook author -

"I am most  pleased to write a strong recommendation for Doc Phillips.  I have known Doc for the past two years as a radio personality, a judge, an M.C. at Tucson Idol and a talented webmaster.  Even before I knew Doc personally, I listened to him on the radio for several years and was totally impressed with his fluent, warm style and his knowledge of contemporary music.  His special skills include:  interviewing people, sense of humor and ability to think on his feet.  He has always been prepared.  At Tucson Idol, Doc expertly demonstrated his flexibility and excellent rapport with the audience.  As a producer, I was most confident in knowing that Doc was able to fill any gap.  He could easily function as an M.C. crowd pleaser, an intelligent and articulate judge and always an appreciated flag carrier for our program.  Personally, I see Doc Phillips as a man of good character, integrity and a trusted  personal and professional friend.  I am proud to recommend him, without reservation, for your consideration."

- Arnie Bianco, Author, Professor, University Instructor -

"Doc displays the calm, professional manner needed to maintain his smooth flow... his unruffled approach to his work enables him to respond to the needs and stresses of the task at hand."

- H. John Witte, Broadcast Vice President and General Manager, KYMA, Yuma -

"Doc, thank you so much for doing a tremendous job as M.C. at our 10-pin Roundup Bowlathon...your enthusiasm really helped make the event fun and lively."

- Jackie Barry, Marketing Manager, Junior Achievement of Southern Arizona, Inc. -

"I have only recently come across work by Doc Phillips and I was so impressed with what I heard that it resulted in me contacting Doc to commission a voiceover for my own store.  I have to say that the service from Doc was second to none.  He was incredibly patient and understanding - answering all my questions and in a way that I understood every part of the process.  His professionalism even extends to writing scripts, as he did with mine, as my mind was drawing a blank.  The end result was exactly what I was looking for.  I would highly recommend his work to anyone who wants to add that bit extra to their site as I do not think you will find anyone better."

- Stuart Best, Techsonic Traders, Leeds, England -

"You must be the voice of Tucson and  beyond.  More than a wee bit impressive!"

- Ross Douglas - Fellow Voiceover Artist -

"Excellent Voice over, high quality and excellent customer services... would recommend to anyone - good competitive prices.  Perfect!  Many Thanks."

- Anthony Hickman - Webstore Operator - http://ukcoin.vstore.ca/